Güren Metal has been a manufacturing firm in open buffet and preparation equipments for the hotels and restaurants with its 304 quality Stainless Steel raw material as of 2000. Güren Metal is a kind of 'Boutique Manufacturer' which easily uses advantage of being a manufacturing firm in line with the need of a 'difference' in the sector and creates works in sizes and models upon special request by you. It enables portability and model /presentation change, if required, to be applied by designing the stands in "demounted" forms. Our firm possessing 3 separate series (Class, Elegance, Nostalgia) in their models and renewing-expanding its product range every day in line with the coming demands also offers Steel-Glass and Steel-Wooden combinations by adding them into its concept. The Class Series is golden, the Elegance Series is bright and also the Nostalgia Series is highly appreciated by our customers thanks to its resistance to the fingerprint and scratching.

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